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O Ouriço


"We the European People"

John Wolf 28 Set 12















On the eve of a mass street protest organised by the CGTP (the main Portuguese workers-union), Lisbon remains under the cloud of uncertainty. The Eurozone has become a gross liability - a Worryzone. The founding European Community Treaties and the ensuing European Union had wished to place a heavy stone over the catastrophic past. The one that killed. The one that maimed. The political past that showed off the extremities of ideology, left and right. The world wars that sowed serious conflict amongst countries that allegedly shared a common fate, and that should never have engaged in rumblings in the first place. But all of that has been dragged to a department of loss, distant from the challenges of the present. Perfectly inadequate. The negative track-record was understood as being sufficient to start all over again. To build the very opposite -  a fortress of peace and prosperity. Something undeniably positive. But the unthinkable has happened. 50 years of European political and military peace ignored the brewing of a much more serious form of malaise. A social and economic pathology that is transforming the lives of European citizens and the grand vision of Europe. For the very first time, the peoples of Europe are shaping something new that will set the tone for a natural revolution. The current form of political constituencies and legislative representation will have to be deeply revised. A common language is being perfected on the streets of protest. Some kind of common ideal of sufficiency is being conveyed in a manner that no politician can ignore. Europe seems to be having its very own moment of bliss -  "we the European people".

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